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Natural, Organic, Original, & Divine

Connect with our Community. Explore NOOD living

We are a lifestyle shop that encourages living a natural, organic, original, and divine life. We would like to make shopping enjoyable for you with our sip and shop experience where you can explore luxury brands while you enjoy a smoothie or our popular Vietnamese Pour-Over cold coffee.

NOOD brings you a selection of wines from various estates as well as acclaimed international spirits and liqueurs, luxury luggage bags, jewelry, home décor items ideal for you or as the perfect gift, baby clothes, activewear, and more. Our brands include Rialheim, Lello Beeswax Food Wraps, Cape Island, Ritzenhoff, Troop London, Busby Leather, Coconut Active, Fenn Collection, and Cotton Road.

Visit us and try our cake or sandwich of the day while you make a decision on the Fenn bag or the Cape Island lotion you want and enjoy an experience like no other. 

Pick of the Week

A world of elegance opens up for you to savour exceptional wines and spirits from our portfolio.

Boschendal Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Exceptional winemaking yields an incredibly sophisticated crisp, pale blush wine with outstanding finesse and elegance. Hints of strawberry preserve impart an intriguing aroma, characteristic hints of ripe red berries are also evident.


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